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Welcome to Cherishables Christmas Ornaments for Heirlooms of Tomorrow

Cherishables Antiques has a distinguished history of providing 18th- and 19th-century American antiques to knowledgeable clients and major collectors worldwide. The downtown Washington, DC shop was in business from 1974-1998. During that time, a line of custom Christmas ornaments was created, based on antique themes, which complemented the antique interiors of their clients. Customers would queue up before Christmas to buy the latest designs. As their popularity grew, the ornaments were sold in museum shops and elegant retail stores across the country, from Gumps in San Francisco to Bergdorf Goodman in New York City. These much beloved copyrighted, handcrafted ornaments for the tree, which capture the spirit of an earlier time, comprise our collections:

Architectural Ornaments • Twelve Days of Christmas • Best Friends • Toys and Folk Art

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Architectural Christmas Ornament

12 Days Of Christmas Ornaments

Best Friends Ornaments

Toys & Folk Art For The Tree


Cherishables Christmas ornaments are designed by Julie Lea and Barbie Sonnett, depending on the collection. They are cut from wood and individually painted by artist Janelle Kuhn and her staff, a cottage industry in Omaha, Nebraska. Each ornament is signed by the designer. Their appeal is not only their unique and whimsical design but the delight they bring on the tree and as gifts for special friends.

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